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Iam Roberto a professional IT independent consultant based in Puerto Rico providing outsourcing services for businesses and individuals. I love to create modern and simpler workplaces using information technology strategies.

What is my work about

Development according to needs.

My IT work are in areas of interactive marketing, software support, cloud app implementation, data processing and management. Pioneer in combining the most important of none core tasks to assist companies and individuals success

My goal is to encourage clients to focus on delivering their best services or products while I assist in their growth and peace of mind.

ISTART SMALL offer the best combo for Businesses

The interactive marketing services in social network interaction, multimedia content creation, seminars, conventions, other online and offline relations.

The most dynamic work is in the area of software support, cloud apps implementation, data processing & analytics with available services using advance software configured for data entry, database creation, standardization, automation, reporting and software operations evaluation.

One of the goals with ISTART SMALL is to present real opportunities to society, promoting technology supplementation assisting individuals in a better work experience.

With technology advancement in the areas of communication and digital devices these can bring humanitarian benefits of freedom and time like we all want.

My Services

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