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Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto RodriguezProject developer & Founder
Roberto Rodriguez is the founder of ISTART SMALL. Roberto created ISTART SMALL with the mission to lower the cost of companies operations and to increase peoples work experience by assisting individuals in the development of modern skills that are in today’s demand. Roberto model go back to basics from learning the modern workforce to developing new approaches that continue upgrading to even better work and life experience.

Roberto has a diverse background he started very young repairing and building computers, later programming his own devices and helping other people learn software from office to drafting and design. In making the upgrade to cloud computing, he help individuals and companies develop in those areas. He learn marketing by searching for sponsors to the projects he has managed, he would go marketing by giving lectures and participating in conventions. He realized that interactive marketing is entertaining and very effective. Inside of projects Roberto worked in design, quality standardization, analysis, operations, automation and software implementation. Roberto worked, managed and trained his own teams.

Roberto also likes writing about human development and the potential that technology has to simplify life and work. He shares everything from personal care to mental development and work experience. Roberto has worked all of his life and believes that ISTART SMALL is only the beginning and the minimal he can do in assisting companies and individuals to achieve the best at their craft. Roberto himself is always learning by reading, testing and monitoring everything he does.